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Revolutionize your restaurant operations with MusePOS Point of Sale. A comprehensive solution that takes guest experience and operational efficiency to new heights, all while reducing costs.

Ideal POS Solution for Restaurants

End the frustration for both your guests and staff.
Give it a free try and uncover the essential features of the perfect POS system.

cloud based


Access your reports seamlessly, even while on vacation, through MusePOS cloud or mobile dashboard apps available on iOS or Android.

device compatibility

Device Compatibility

Muse Restaurant POS seamlessly operates on iPads, PCs, Android phones, tablets, as well as traditional and modern POS terminals.

Offline Capability

MusePOS functions effortlessly both online and offline, with data syncing immediately upon internet reconnection. Enjoy uninterrupted work, whether online or offline.

accept payments

Payment Options

Select from a wide range of integrated payment options available in different countries, or opt for any payment provider and configure it as a manual payment option.

inventory management

Effortless Ordering Process

With Muse restaurant POS, you can seamlessly take orders from your point-of-sale counter or directly from the table using our waiter app, resulting in faster and superior service for customers. All orders are promptly received in your kitchen via a KOT Printer or the MusePOS KDS (Kitchen Display System) app on iPad/Android TV. Say goodbye to miscommunications during rush times by sending orders straight from MusePOS to KDS or printers, eliminating unnecessary interruptions for kitchen staff asking about dish readiness. Front office staff can easily check the status of any dish ordered via POS. Track orders by status, such as waiting, preparing, prepared, and type, including Dine-In, Take Away, or Delivery.

  • Order Taking app for waiters
  • Customized Self-Ordering KIOSK
  • Online Ordering (API)
  • Table Self-Ordering APP
  • KDS (kitchen display system)
  • Tely-Ordering
make your employees work efficient
make your employees work efficient

Empower Your Employees

Muse Restaurant POS empowers your staff, enhancing service and boosting sales. Take orders, process payments, and print/email receipts directly at your guest's table. MusePOS boasts a simple user interface, making it easy to train your employees—no technical skills required. With MusePOS, you can access reports on the best-performing employees, their shift times, and staff-wise sales reports.

  • Work efficiently across all devices—Android, iPad, PC, and tablets
  • Self-Ordering Kiosk/app
  • Table ordering app
breakthrough apps

Manage Your Restaurant Online

Even while on vacation, stay in control of your business with the ability to check all reports on the go via our mobile Dashboard apps. Compatible with all PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices.

  • Compatibility with Android, iOS, and Browser
  • Business activity and stock alert notifications
  • Update item rates
  • Profit summary report
  • Staff activity report
sales analytics
work offline
work offline

Stay operational regardless of internet connectivity

With MusePOS, enabling offline sales with seamless data syncing once the internet connection is re-established.

  • Uninterrupted service
  • Fully-featured offline mode
  • Automatic syncs and backups

Muse POS Apps

Managing your entire business operations, analyzing performance, and responding to customer needs becomes easier and effortless.

delivery app

Delivery App

customer display

Customer Display

ordering app

Ordering App

kitchen display

Kitchen Display

What Do You Sell?

We understand that every business is unique with its own set of needs. Share your requirements with us, and we'll tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Quick Service




Food Truck




Food Court

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Quick Service Restaurant POS

MUSE POS recognizes the distinct requirements of Quick Service restaurants. That's why we've developed our POS system to prioritize speed, efficiency, and user-friendliness, offering the ideal solution for Quick Service establishments of any scale.

Unlock your business's full potential with Muse POS