Muse POS - Cloud POS System for Restaurant
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What makes Muse POS Distinctive?


Point of Sale

Comprehensive online ordering, customer data and profiling, integrated loyalty and retention campaigns. All with one goal: more revenue for your business.

  • Retail & Restaurant point of sale.
  • Offline processing - Always be taking orders without any connection issues
  • Real-time Inventory management​.
  • Escalate customer engagement.
  • Generate receipts on go.
  • Powerful reporting tools and Menu management
  • Flexible payment options.
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Multi Mode Payment Processing

Muse Integrated payments save time, ensure better accuracy and minimize errors. Receive your credit card income usually within 24 hours.

  • Credit card Swipe.
  • Touchless payment.
  • Mobile payments.
  • Versatile Payment Modes.
  • Easy Tipping and Tip Adjustments.
  • Accept offline credit card processing.
smart payment
inventory management
inventory management

Inventory Management

Total back office and inventory management; every aspect of your process chain, now in control… the easy way.

  • Central Product Catalog.
  • Managing Your Stock.
  • Variants and composites.
  • Inventory counts.
  • Stock transfers.
  • Profit reports.
sales analytics

Sales Analytics

Our iPad POS system offers speed and efficiency. Reduce waiting time – enhance customer experience.

  • Real time POS terminal wise Sales Reports.
  • Customer wise Sales report.
  • Product wise sales report.
  • Location (multi-location POS stands) wise report.
  • Top Selling Items.
  • Purchase Orders.
staff management
staff management

Staff Management

Your team is the hub of your restaurant. Our built-in staff management software helps you take care of that team by simplifying shift management, streamlining payroll, helping you advance labor costs and much more.

  • Staff Registration.
  • Time Clock & Payroll Management.
  • Customizable POS User Permissions.
  • Detailed Reporting About Employee Activities.
  • Simplified Employee Benefits Distribution.


Muse POS systems allow retailers, restaurants to effectively manage operating tasks and in-store sales and purchases–from scanning product data and printing receipts to swiping a credit/debit card and entering credentials on a pinpad.

  • Sell in more places at the same time.
  • See inventory in real time and avoid over-selling.
  • No longer manually input data.
  • Offer cross-channel promotions and discounts.
  • Improve the customer experience.

Robust tools to help your Retail or Restaurant Business Succeed

Create a Positive Customer Experience with the Muse POS system.

Muse POS built to speed up orders, build customer loyalty, and optimize revenue streams, all while improving your Retail Store or Restaurant’s bottom line.


Loyalty Programs

Loyalty campaigns for Loyal Users-- to be entertained with extra perks over their order. Guests are notified with their score of Loyalty Points, which they could Redeem during their Transaction/Purchase. They can also keep an eye on Loyalty Point expiration dates by waiter and also by email or push notifications.

gift cards

Gift Cards

Stretch your Retail or Restaurant sales reach with Muse POS gift card . Embrace gift cards to expand your store’s ability to attract new customers and keep your old ones engaged. When a customer comes into your store to redeem a product, simply scan the barcode using your barcode scanner to complete the transaction.

discount and promotions


Add discounts that will apply to specific items OR all the items in a customer’s basket. Want to attract more genuine traffic? Retain existing guests? And enjoy a full spectrum of promotion card tools, from custom branding to managing card inventory? With Muse Loyalty Gift Cards-- you can do all that, efficiently.

Unlock the full potential of your business with Muse POS.